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США открывают посольство на Кубе

U.S. open Embassy in Cuba

3 march 2015, 03:41
President Barack Obama is counting on the opening of the American Embassy in Cuba until mid April.

he said this on Monday in Washington.

"I expect that we will be able to open the Embassy and to do some initial work up to the summit of American States in Panama, 10-11 April, Obama said in an interview with Reuters. However, he acknowledged that it did not expect, "though we will immediately be able to fully normalize relations". In his words, "there is still much work to do".

ЕС, Дания и Британия выделят Украине более $40 миллионов на гумпомощь

The EU, Denmark and Britain will provide Ukraine more than $40 million on gonokami

The EU, Denmark and the UK are ready to commit more than $40 million in humanitarian aid UN East of Ukraine.

this is stated in the report of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) issued on Monday.

February 24, the UN has introduced a new program of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in 2015, which is designed to 3. - 3 march 2015, 03:21

Движение поездов Eurostar под Ла-Маншем восстановлено после ЧП

The movement of the Eurostar under the English channel restored after PE

The movement of a train under the English channel was stopped due to an incident at the British site.

the movement of the Eurostar trains running through the tunnel under the English channel and connects London with Paris and Brussels, restored after an incident in the British section of the path. - 3 march 2015, 02:51

Торги на фондовом рынке в США завершились ростом индексов

Trading on the stock market in the USA ended with the increase of indexes

The growth of basic quotations ended Monday trading on the stock market in the United States.

investor Optimism has caused the publication of positive data on consumer spending in the United States, as well as positive economic news of the character of from Europe and China.

the Dow Jones Index is the main indicator of business activity in the U. - 3 march 2015, 02:31

Глава Верховного суда разрешил арест трех одиозных судей

The head of the Supreme court authorized the arrest of the three "odious" judges

The head of the Supreme court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romaniuk has authorized the arrest of judges Sergey Vovk, Oksana Prince and Victor Kizuka.

Relevant documents signed Romaniuk posted on his Facebook MP of Ukraine from the "Block Petro Poroshenko Sergey Leshchenko.

"Remember the names of these three judges. - 3 march 2015, 02:11

Лидеры нормандской четверки обсудили ситуацию на Донбассе

The leaders of the "channel four" discussed the situation in the Donbass

Had a telephone conversation with Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko, reported the press service of the Kremlin.

"Continue the discussion of the crisis in Ukraine from the point of view of having to perform all of the provisions of the package of measures agreed in Minsk on 12 February, Noted... - 3 march 2015, 01:41

  3 march

Gazprom has already put on the Donbass about 100 million cubic meters of gas


Cs: Pontes resigned


Chumak: "When Belkevich started playing extreme midfielder, and in "the double" - even as a left defender"


Marseille will play against Vorskla Cup second composition


Kernitsky: "security Guarantees no one gives"


Roma minority feet of Juventus draw

  2 march

Segbefia and Pisco left the Dawn


Trabzonspor got a strong-willed victory over Karabukspor


In Havana died beloved Fidel Castro


380 thousand families were left without electricity in Japan


Russia was excluded from the state armament programme of the Russian-Ukrainian An-70 - media


Entry into Ukraine under the new rules denied seven Russians


North Korea has fired two missiles toward the sea of Japan


Yarmolenko: "About the attack Metalist not even thought that I wanted to make a "zero"


Portugal. Port: the defeat and "trolling" sporting


Canada will get 125 military on NATO bases in Central and Eastern Europe


Jose Mourinho: Tottenham forced us to play very carefully


Chumak: "Today is the best day in my life"


Belarus and the EU could sign an agreement on the new visa regime in may


Goryainov: "If the club management will not reconsider its attitude to Metalist, there will be problems"


Lithuania will buy LNG in the United States to reduce dependence on Russia

  1 march

Rebrov: in the first half Metalist looked decent


Victims of swine flu in India since the beginning of the year 1075 steel man


On the moon of Saturn can exist methane forms of life


Review: Echoes of Donbass has come to Moscow streets


Indonesia earthquake of a magnitude of 5.0


In China from March 1 to enter only under a real name


Bulgaria will support sanctions against Russia in case of violation of the armistice


In Sorokino separatists fired position forces ATU - Shkiriak


Venezuela introduce a visa regime for citizens of the USA


Vice-President of Sierra Leone quarantined due to virus Ebola


Maduro said that Bush is a terrorist and banned him from entering Venezuela


The OSCE mission has recorded a violation of the regime of silence in Donetsk


Di Matteo: we must apologize


By way of example. Victory Malaga and draw in Almeria


In Sevastopol nationalized 13 enterprises


Inzaghi: "the Glass is half full"


Garmash played and scored for the reserves


Ban Ki-moon has condemned the killing Nemcova


Milan not exceeded Chievo

  28 february

Poroshenko and Vice US President Biden discussed the Donbass, Savchenko and Nemtsov


Terry: coming League Cup final - the first for the current composition


Fiorentina against inter with Valero, but without Gomez


Headquarters ATO announces separatist activity in the Donetsk direction


Coach of Olympiacos: In the first half we could have scored two or three goals


Naomi Campbell attacked operator channel


In the Odessa region are preparing for riots


Russian Deputy proposed to make a film about the Donbass


NBU eliminates two of the Bank


  Scientists unveiled the world's first music for cats

The people's Deputy Leshchenko reminded about the criminal case against Kolomoisky

The Russian economy is not broken in pieces" - Bloomberg

In Kiev want to close in quarantine for about 20 schools

Breaking the record of sales of works of art from auctions

  Russia in the spring of preparing riots in Ukrainian cities - Lutsenko

Moody's downgraded the ratings of more than 10 banks in Russia

Moody's downgraded the ratings of the largest oil and gas companies in the Russian Federation

The British promised to raise the minimum wage

US markets closed mixed

Walmart will raise wages more than half a million employees

  In the White Church a man was stealing diapers

The call is abandoned. Competitor of the US in Europe

Monohm has developed an "antique" smartphone that has no analogues

Stets told about the number of volunteers in the "Internet army"

  Patrol in Kyiv plan to provide housing

Ukraine removes equipment from Mariupol, DND - from Elenovka

Donetsk airport after 242 days of fighting: a photo essay

  Avakov: In Kharkiv discontinued operations Pro-Russian organization Exodus

In Kharkiv found the body of a lawyer with gunshot wounds

In Zaporozhye burned the car to the local "self-Defense"

Dutch fans have thrown in the player's Roma inflatable banana

Became known potential rivals Dynamo and Dnipro in the Europa League

Wolfsburg went to the next round

Dnepr beats Olympiakos

Bruges: re victory over Aalborg

British radio thinks Madonna is too old for his audience

In the Eurovision song contest in 2015 will take part in Australia

In the Eurovision song contest 2015 will take part in Australia

In Japan will open its first hotel in the world with a staff of robots

Unconscious discovered the daughter of Whitney Houston

  The Pentagon showed off space rocket from a plane

Microsoft: Windows 10 will be a free update

Russian photographer took video of bright Northern lights

Astrophysics showed the first images of the merger of two spiral galaxies

Astronomers have discovered the galaxy gas "tail"

In the Dominican Republic can revise the law to ban abortion

Work at night: what you don't tell the doctors

American drug against Ebola showed one hundred percent effective

A doctor from the US who fought against Ebola in Africa, infected with a virus

  In Russia its "best car" will be released in January

In Infiniti showed competitor BMW 4-Series

The German automotive industry in 2015 will go on record

The motor show in Los Angeles: 12 top models in detail

Volkswagen to recall 100 thousand cars Audi in the U.S.


Наполи вновь обыграл Трабзонспор

Napoli again defeated Trabzonspor

One of the confrontations, which after the first match is hardly attracted the attention of the public, as in Turkey Napoli figured out his opponent 4:0 and secured the exit to the next round.

In the home match, the team of Rafael Benitez quickly scored one goal thanks to de Guzman and got the victory 5:0. - 27 february 2015, 00:26

Эвертон спокойно проходит Янг Бойз

Everton runs quietly young boys

In the first match Everton secured a comfortable advantage over the Swiss. Minor threat at Goodison Park felt only once: at the 13th minute Sanogo managed to convert their chances and take the young boys forward. However, 20 minutes later "butterscotch" regained the advantage in this match - double scored Romelu Lukaku. - 27 february 2015, 00:22
Лион: нет нужды продавать Ляказетта и Фекира

Lyon: there is no need to sell Lacazette and Fakira

While Lyon leads the fight for first place in the championship and hopes to return to the Champions League, where the club would like to announce the strongest composition.

However, the representatives of the top Champions are still interested in the leaders of the team, including midfielder Nabil Fakira and forward Alexander Lacazette. - 26 february 2015, 23:52

Игрок алчевской Стали прибыл в Кремень

The player Alchevsk Steel arrived in Flint

In sparring with the Krivoy Rog Miner (1:5) Flint, occupying the third place in the second League in the interim, use a six newcomers. About three of them - the Midfielders Sobko, Zhukov and Pavlik - we have already reported .

against the rival played by 23-year-old goalkeeper Jaroslav Khomenko. - 26 february 2015, 23:49

Матч Динамо - Генгам был прерван из-за беспорядков на стадионе

The match Dinamo - Guingamp was interrupted because of the riots at the stadium

Because of a brawl in the stands by the referee decided to stop the fight.

In the 78th minute of the second leg of 1/16 Europa League final between Dynamo and Gangama were at the stands there was a brawl between fans.

As it turned out, a conflict arose between the supporters of Dinamo and French fans. - 26 february 2015, 23:29

Тренер российского боксера просит у Кличко реванша

Coach of the Russian boxer asks Klitschko rematch

26 february 2015, 23:26
Representatives of the Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin considering the fight with Wladimir Klitschko.

Read also: fury: I can beat Wladimir Klitschko...

Победитель боя Мейвезер - Пакьяо получит уникальный пояс WBC

The winner of the battle Mayweather - Pacquiao will have a unique WBC belt

26 february 2015, 23:24
The bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao promises to be one of the most resonant battles for many years.

See also: Pacquiao began preparing...

Скандальный экс-мэр Торонто выставил на торги свои вещи

The controversial ex-mayor of Toronto put up for sale your things

26 february 2015, 23:22
Offer price exceeded $ 1,500.

Former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has auctioned a few personal belongings, including a tie that was on it during its recognition in the use of crack cocaine.


Нива: экс-стрыяне на прицеле

Niva: ex-strane on sight

26 february 2015, 23:22

according to the press service of FC Rock, three ex-player strian played against them in the test match as part of Ternopil Fields.

the 25-year-old defender Yaroslav Sukhotsky is a graduate of...

Матч Динамо - Генгам мог быть прерван из-за флага ДНР на трибуне фанатов из Франции

The match Dinamo - Guingamp could be interrupted due DND flag on the podium fans from France

26 february 2015, 23:19
Vice President of Dynamo Kiev Aleksey Semenenko cited a possible reason for a stop off the match with Gingaman

In the 78th minute of the second leg of 1/16 Europa League final between Dynamo and Gangama were at the stands there was a brawl between fans.

Реакцию болельщиков вызвал флаг одного из государств...

"The reaction of the fans caused the flag of one of the States..."

26 february 2015, 23:19

- Sergey Stanislavovich, what moment was the most psychologically difficult for you during a match?

- These moments were many. This card in the first minutes, and subsequent replacement with damage Veloso.

Динамо: Хлебас отдан в аренду Говерле

Dynamo: Glebas loaned Hoverla

26 february 2015, 23:01

according to the official website of Dynamo striker Dmytro Glebas second half of the season will be spent in the Hoverla on loan.

the 20-year Glebas half of the championship held in Dynamo-2 and scored 6 goals in the drawing of the First League.

Скала нашла усиление в казахстанской первой лиге

The rock was found increased in Kazakhstan first division

26 february 2015, 22:59

In sparring Ternopil Rock Field tested several potential recruits. And if the former doubles Vorskla (Vitaly ryabushko) and Volyn (Oleg Solovieva) we have already reported, another name - completely new.

Китай на год запретил импорт слоновой кости

China for a year banned the import of ivory

26 february 2015, 22:56
Ban announced by the state administration of forestry.

China imposed a ban on the import of ivory for a period of one year. The demand for this product among Chinese buyers fuelling poaching that threaten the existence of the African elephant.

В Украину не пустили журналистку российского НТВ

In Ukraine did not let the journalist of the Russian NTV

26 february 2015, 00:49
The reporter remains at the airport "Zhulyany" and will fly to Russia next flight.

Reporter program "Today" on the Russian NTV Inna Osipov was not allowed to Ukraine.

this was reported in the press service of the channel.

ЕС должен быть готов к введению новых санкций против России - Туск

The EU should be ready to impose new sanctions against Russia - Tusk

26 february 2015, 00:46
The EU still hopes for peace, but ready to act.

the European Union issued new sanctions against Russia and should be ready to use them if the situation in the Donbass will not improve.


Говерла: на подходе семь новых игроков

Hoverla: on the approach seven new players

26 february 2015, 00:46

As it has become known Soccer channel 1, in the near future to the team Vyacheslav Grozny will join three free agents - the defenders Vitaliy Fedoriv and Igor Korotetskiy and forward Vitaliy Ivanko.